Marked Men for Christ -  Be Strong Book
Marked Men for Christ -  Be Strong Book

Marked Men for Christ - Be Strong Book

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A man’s journey through life is not easy, but the wounds do not tell the whole story. Healing, transformation, and significance can be yours when Jesus is the goal. In Be Strong: The Making of a Marked Man, Spice reveals his own transformation and the birth of an international ministry, Marked Men for Christ. Join the journey in these pages to learn how brokenness transformed can lead to a life of significance with Christ.

Short bio
Steve “Spice” Spicer married his high school sweetheart, Debi. As a three-time NCAA letterman in Division I football and a graduate from Rice University, Spice is “a man’s man” with a passion for the strength and leadership found in healthy masculinity. He invested decades as a corporate leader with Procter and Gamble, and together they have launched two international ministries: Marked Men for Christ and Women’s Walk with Christ. Spice and Debi live in Colorado near their two sons, Zach (married to Katy) and Scott.

$5 of every book purchased will be donated to the Marked Men For Christ (MMFC) ministry.